In China, this Maserati Quattroporte cost its owner the equivalent of about $423,000, and he just beat it to death with a sledgehammer and no, it wasn't because he was tripping on some serious hallucinogens and thought it was covered in spiders.

He brought it in to the dealer for repairs, but believed the parts put into the car were "dirty, second hand" parts. The American reaction would be to throw a gigantic hissy-fit for a month or two—complete with "do you know who I am?"—and then proceed to legal action.  The Chinese way is apparently to destroy one's own car with a sledgehammer at an auto show after inviting journalists to come watch via social media. 

Amazingly, this isn't the first time this has hapened either, the Maserati owner was inspired by another man who had previouslydone the same to his Lamborghini. 

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[via China Car Times