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Earlier this week, the Redskins donated a bunch of stuff to an auction that was held by the American Cancer Society in Washington, D.C. A Super Bowl package and a Redskins VIP experience were among the items that were auctioned off. But the item that had everyone talking at the auction was a pair of pink Nike cleats that Robert Griffin III wore during a game against the Falcons last October. They were sold for a staggering $15,000 to Gerald Haddock, a real estate investor from Texas.

But that's not the only money RGIII helped raise. In addition to the $15K from the shoes, he also posed for photos with anyone willing to fork over $1,000. And, believe it or not, 18 people took him up on his offer and helped him raise an additional $18,000 to bring his grand total to $33,000. Not bad for a pair of cleats and a stack of photos. Not bad at all.

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