Psssssssttttttt…Hey, you. Yes, you. The guy who paid $105,000 for the 2012 BCS National Championship trophy that was shattered by an Alabama player's clumsy father three months after the Crimson Tide won it last year. You, sir, are a jackass. Jack-ASS. You just paid more than 100 grand FOR A BROKEN TROPHY THAT WAS ONLY WORTH $30,000 BEFORE IT WAS BROKEN!

Now, we know how crazy some of the 'Bama fans can get. Roll Tide and all that. But, yo, $105K for a broken trophy?! Seems steep. Also, seems stupid. And yet, someone out there forked over all that cash at an auction at the Alabama Celebrity Golf Tournament over the weekend. Was that someone you? If so, what we you thinking? We hope your wife makes you sleep on the couch for the next month. You deserve it for overpaying for this piece of crap.

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[via Eye On Football]