As of today, Phil Jackson is officially back in the NBA! So which team will he be guiding to the NBA Finals next year? The Lakers? No? Ummm…the Raptors? No? Errr…the Bobcats? No? Okay, we give up. Who?!

Theeeeeee…Pistons. Surprised? Us, too. But, actually, Jax isn't coming back as a head coach. He's also not going to be Detroit's new team president. Instead, he's simply serving as a temporary advisor to the team as they seek to fill their head coaching vacancy. It seems he's good friends with Pistons owner Tom Gores, so he's agreed to do him a solid and help him find a new coach.

No word on how long it's going to take him to find a new coach for the Pistons. But with Jackson's connections, we wouldn't be surprised if it only took a week or two to get the job done. Until then, enjoy having him back in the league.

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[via Ball Don't Lie]