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Eddie Jordan is Rutgers' new men's basketball head coach, and he doesn't have a degree. That shouldn't be that much of an issue, because if the guy can coach then let him, right? The kicker here lies in his bio on Rutgers' web site: "RU’s all-time leader in both assists (585) and steals (220), "Fast Eddie" scored 1,632 career points and earned honorable mention All-American honors as a senior in 1977 before earning a degree in health and physical education."

Except Jordan never actually graduated Rutgers. Whoops.

Jordan attended Rutgers from 1973 to 1977 and took classes in 1978, 1981, and 1985, but never earned his degree. The new head coach said he didn't get his diploma because he"didn't register right" when he was taking the courses. Instead, he moved to Old Dominion to start his coach career and has been building his resume ever since.

Rutgers said that the bio snafu was an error on their end and his position didn't require a degree to begin with. This isn't a great start to the post-Mike Rice, though.

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