Rutgers head coach Mike Rice should probably go ahead and dust off his résumé right now. Although the Scarlet Knights athletic director Tim Pernetti says that Rice will not be fired as a result of a story that aired on ESPN's Outside the Lines today, one quick look at some of the video that accommodates the story reveals that Pernetti might not have a choice soon.

In the clips, Rice yells at his players, fires basketballs at his players, puts his hands on players, calls players "fairies," "faggots," and other words that couldn't be aired on ESPN, and acts like a maniac during Rutgers practices. Former Rutgers director of player development Eric Murdock, who used to play in the NBA, also speaks out against Rice and his wild behavior.

"Unbelievable to me that somebody would feel that that technique can be successful," he told OTL. "What this guy did the last two years is criminal—it was criminal."

Watch the video above and see for yourself. Pretty wild stuff, to say the least. Mike Rice should probably start cleaning out his office now...

[UPDATE: Even LeBron James has chimed in!

If my son played for Rutgers or a coach like that he would have some real explaining to do and I'm still gone whoop on him afterwards! C'mon

— LeBron James (@KingJames) April 2, 2013

This guy is as good as gone.]

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[via ESPN OTL]