Nate Robinson has had a pretty crazy start to the 2013 NBA Playoffs. During Game 4 of the Nets/Bulls first-round series, he single-handedly led Chicago to a win. Then, during Game 1 of the Heat/Bulls second-round series, he exploded for 27 points to help the Bulls take a surprising 1-0 lead. But that great start might come to a close tonight. That's because Miami is apparently thinking about sticking LeBron James on Robinson on defense. And that will likely slow him down and force him to give up the ball more on offense.

"It wouldn't be a surprise if I matched up with him," LBJ said after practice yesterday. "I'll take the challenge."

At 6-foot-8, Bron-Bron stands nearly a foot taller than Robinson. He's also got about 70 pounds on him. But can he slow him down enough to shut him down? And, more importantly, can he play good D on Robinson and still have a big game on the offensive side of the ball? It'll be interesting to see.

Either way, how crazy is it that the Heat appear to be extra worried about Nate Robinson of all people? The guy had trouble getting a job as recently as two years ago and now he's got the defending champs rethinking their entire defensive strategy. Pretty crazy.

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[via ESPN Chicago]