UPDATE: Now, with video! Enjoy...

Holy @%^! Did you miss the fourth quarter of the Bulls/Nets playoff game today? If so, you missed something pretty special. Nate Robinson scored 23 points—yes, 23 points!—during the quarter and came thisclose to breaking Michael Jordan's franchise record for most points scored in a quarter during a playoff game. MJ dropped 24 points during a postseason game against the 76ers back in 1990.

He didn't end up getting the record, but Robinson's performance was still pretty epic. It included one stretch where he scored 12 straight points in the fourth quarter and single-handedly got the Bulls back into a lopsided game. To his credit, he also made a couple of really nice passes at the end of the regulation rather than forcing up bad shots, which helped the Bulls send the game to overtime. Robinson finished with 34 points after fouling out in double OT, and the Bulls eventually won the game in triple OT.

Nice going, Nate. Who knew that you'd do that after doing this earlier in the afternoon?

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[via ESPN Chicago]