Earlier this week, we told you about how Kobe Bryant's mom Pamela Bryant was planning on auctioning off a bunch of his old jerseys, trophies, and rings next month. At the time, we just sort of assumed that Mrs. Bryant had Kobe's blessing when it came to holding the auction because, well, she's Kobe's mom. But, as it turns out, Kobe is not happy with her for linking up with a company called Golden Auctions to sell his stuff. So he had his lawyers reach out to Golden Auctions this week to tell them that they do not have his permission to sell any of the items that his mother has provided for them.

The case is going to be a tricky one, though. According to Golden Auctions, Kobe told his mother that he didn't want the items many years ago. So the company feels as though she should be allowed to do whatever she wants with them. As a result, they've sued the Black Mamba for the right to sell his stuff. Now, the two sides are going to have to settle their dispute in court.

If you were planning on getting your pops an authentic Lower Merion jersey for Father's Day next month, you might want to start thinking about a backup gift. Because, from the sound of things, the Kobe auction may not go down as planned. At least, not right now. Stay tuned.

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[via ESPN Los Angeles]