Sooooooo...about that Kobe Bryant Collection that Golden Auctions was going to auction off next month. It's probably not going to be available.

Why? Well, originally, Kobe's mom Pamela Bryant claimed that Kobe told her that she could have all of the jerseys, trophies, and rings that she was planning on selling in order to purchase a home for herself. Then, when Kobe objected to her claim through his lawyers, Golden Auctions sued the Black Mamba in an effort to hold the auction as planned next month. And now, KB24 has countersued them, claiming that his mom actually stole all of the items that the company is trying to sell out of his house. According to TMZ, a rift exists between mother and son because Kobe refused to purchase Pamela an expensive home in Las Vegas recently. It's why she's attempting to sell his stuff now—and it's why he's objecting to it.

Who's actually right here? We have no clue. That's for a judge to figure out. But what appeared to be an innocent auction just a week ago has now spiraled out of control and turned into a family crisis. Someone needs to step in and patch things up between Kobe and his mom ASAP. Otherwise, this is probably going to get even uglier than it already has.

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[via TMZ]