J.R. Smith didn't play very well during Game 1 of the Knicks/Pacers playoff series last night. He shot just 4-for-15 from the field. So, after the game, Knicks fans were getting on him on Twitter about his poor performance. Specifically, they were upset about the fact that J.R. was apparently out partying the night before the game, according to a tweet sent out by the 40/40 Club in NYC:

However, J.R. deaded the idea that he played poorly because he was out on Saturday night almost immediately. First, he took to Twitter to explain that he was not out partying on Saturday night:

Then, he took things one step further by uploading a "Bandwagon Transferral Form" to Instagram for all of the bandwagon Knicks/J.R. fans out there:

The form looks like this:

And that was that. After that photo went up, he stopped tweeting for the night. His response to bandwagon fans wasn't quite as ratchet as some of the other things that J.R. has done on social media in the past. But it definitely registered on our J.R. Smith Ratchet Meter:

Don't worry, J.R. If you have a better Game 2, all those bandwagon fans will be right back on your side.

[via Beyond the Buzzer]