BMWs look nice, but there's a sense of typical German conservatism in the design as well as a concerted effort to widen appeal as much as possible. Because of this, they can look a bit bland at times. This, is precisely what we need Italian designers for. BMW and Pininfarina seem to have come to this realization, and created the Grand Lusso Coupe for the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este.

It's clearly a BMW, but it's more modern, more striking, and more emotional than any car the company currently makes; only the Z4 comes close. Honestly, we'd love to see this go to production as a revival of the 8-Series line. Not that we could afford it, but we'd love to attend the press drive.

Also, that leather is beautiful, and it's about damn time automakers embraced that burnished leather looks richer than one, flat color.

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[via BMW