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The Buick GNX was a monster. It was faster than the Ferraris of the same year and the next generation. It destroyed just about everything, and as a result, it is nothing short of legendary. When we heard that Buick would be making a new Grand National and a new GNX to top the new model off, we were both enthused and worried. On one hand, Buick appears to have its mojo back, but on the other, will GM actually commit to making the GNX everything it needs to be to live up to the name?

The new Grand National will be based on the Cadillac ATS's alpha platform, and be powered by that same car's 2.0L turbo four at 272 hp or the 321 hp 3.6L V6. Even though it sounds like GM is already slipping back into badge engineering, the car will no doubt be great.

Here's where the worries turn closer to sadness, however: the GNX will be powered by a 400 hp, twin-turbo version of that 3.6L V6. Honestly, while it will no doubt be very fast and very fun, we think to really be a modern day GNX it would need a 0-60 time around 3.0 seconds, and we can't imagine 400 horses doing that. 

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