Getting shot down by a woman can be frustrating. Like really, really frustrating. But that doesn't give a guy the right to do what one man did to a woman from Dallas over the weekend.

Late Saturday night, a 29-year-old woman was waiting for her car to be valeted in a parking lot in Dallas. While she was waiting, a man pulled up next to hear, rolled his window down, and tried to holler. But the woman refused to give him her phone number. And that didn't sit well with the man, who responded by putting his car into drive and hitting the woman with it on purpose. Fortunately, the woman only suffered minor injuries and was treated at the scene. But the man sped off before authorities arrived and hasn't been arrested yet.

What a jackass. This guy is ruining things for guys everywhere by pulling a psychotic stunt like this. WTF, dude?

[via Dallas News]