Have you ever had your car vandalized? If so, then you know how much it sucks. But trust us: You've never had your car vandalized like a group of people from Coeur D'Alene, Idaho just had their cars vandalized.

According to KTVB, local police had to be called to an intersection in Coeur D'Alene recently after a naked man defecated on himself, covered himself in feces, and then jumped onto cars as they drove through the intersection. When police arrived, they found the man pinned down by a bunch of people who had had their cars vandalized. One woman on the scene told police that the 27-year-old man ran at her car, asked her to run him over, and then jumped on the hood and pounded away at it when she refused. His act resulted in a series of bumps on her hood and a cracked windshield.

As you'd probably expect, the man was arrested on the spot and taken to a local hospital for evaluation. But police have not announced what they've charged him with yet. We would say "vandalism," but in this particular instance, we don't think that quite covers it. This guy clearly needs some professional help—and some clothes!—like, now.

[via KTVB]

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