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Gas stations are wonderful. They are the oasis for the modern man. Even after the longest leg of your journey, an energy drink, a donut, and some scratch-off lotto tickets will perk you right up. Gas stations seem to have everything you could need to finish your journey more comfortably, from fresh socks to air fresheners. But they also have a lot of stuff you don't need.

The displays next to the register offer some of the most ridiculous and worthless items you'll see outside of the prizes at a state fair. We'd never buy any of these things, at least while we're sober. All we can do is stare at these items and ask ourselves, "Who thought of selling this in a gas station in the first place?" It's time to pay tribute to these worthless products that no one ever buys, but everyone always remembers. These are 25 Baffling Items Sold at Gas Stations.