You have to be pretty stupid—and incredibly heartless—to start a high-speed police chase with a baby in your car. Yet, that's exactly what three men did in Three Rivers, Mich. earlier this week.

On Monday night, a police officer noticed their vehicle parked outside of a Wal-Mart and recognized it as the car used in a string of local robberies. So the officer pulled the car over shortly after it exited the parking lot. But when he approached it and told the driver to turn the car off, the driver peeled out and forced police to give chase.

Eventually, the car crashed into a telephone pole and all three men attempted to flee police on foot. But the police tracked them down and, when they did, they found that one of the men was carrying a 6-month-old baby who had been in the car with the men throughout the duration of the chase. They were all arrested and charged with multiple felonies.

What a bunch of idiots.

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[via Fox 17]