The Game got tired of spending money on his own cars for a hot minute, and decided to help his kid stunt on the toddler game like pops. As the photo above shows, he put a heap of diamonds onto his son's remote control Bentley GT, a car that Game owns. Here's what he had to say: 

"Props to my jeweler @richie_nektalov who put 150 carats  (almost $100,000 in diamonds... $98,376 dollars if we gettin technical) in my son @HarlemCaronTaylor's remote control Bentley GT !!!! My sons toy almost cost more than the real thing...... He said: "Daddy, I want a car like yours when I get older !!! I said: "I got you Harlem... But until then he#StuntinLikeHisDaddy#LikeFatherLikeSon (note to haters: my kids college tuitions & trust funds are already paid up... Just so u know before yo mad ass get to talkin bout what I "SHOULDA" done wit my money) !!!!!! "I'm RICH BIYATCH" (Dave Chappelle voice) #HatersGoneHate"

We appreciate the preemptive hater address. 

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[via The Game]