19 years ago, just after the production of Pulp Fiction had wrapped, that iconic red '64 Chevy Malibu from the film was stolen. This wasn't a loss for some soulless corporate entity though; it was Quentin Tarantino's personal car. Especially after having just penned that great dialogue about not "fucking with a man's automobile," we think that's really messed up.

Now, it has finally been tracked down, and the reason it was so difficult to find has been made clear. The thieves swapped out the VIN for another '64 Malibu, which made it much easier to sell without attracting notice. However, while investigating another theft, police discovered the duplicate VIN and identified the car as being Taratino's. 

We're not sure whether or not Tarantino has the car back yet, as the current owner is thought not to be a thief, but a fraud victim who bought it legally.

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[via NPR

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