If Kevin Durant wants to win the NBA scoring title for a fourth consecutive season, he's going to need to have a historic game against the Bucks tonight. Assuming Carmelo Anthony will sit out of the Knicks season finale against the Hawks to give himself an opportunity to rest before the start of the playoffs, KD will have to score 70—yes, 70—points in order to claim the scoring title. And Thunder coach Scott Brooks, who will monitor the minutes of his starters, has already come out and said that it's not going to happen.

"He has no shot," Brooks said yesterday. "I guarantee you he won't get it."

Aw, come on. At least give him a chance! Wouldn't that make the last game of the regular season a hell of a lot more fun? We seriously hope Brooks reconsiders and gives KD the green light to go off tonight.

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[via News OK]