Is your 2013 NCAA Tournament bracket busted? Boo hoo. Sucks to be you. But, hey, it could be worse. You could be Jason Richardson right now.

Last week, the former Michigan State star agreed to a bet with former Duke star J.J. Redick when the Spartans played the Blue Devils in the Sweet 16 round of the tourney. And, the Dukies were victorious in the game, meaning Richardson lost the bet. So, today, he had to dress in Duke gear from head to toe and throw a photo of himself up on Twitter. Peep the photo—as well as several other photos that he took—in the thumbs gallery above.

Oh, and before all of the Michigan State fans out there go nuts, don't worry. Richardson made sure to do this once he finally took the Duke gear off a little while ago:

Feel better?

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[via JJ Redick]