Yesterday, the legendary Bo Jackson served as the Grand Marshal at the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama. And, as part of his duties, he hopped into the car that guided the rest of the cars during pace laps of the race. But, next time he shows up for one of these events, he wants to drive a real car—and he asked everyone who gathered to watch him to help him convince his wife to let him do it.

"I want you all to do me a favor," he said. "Contact my wife on Facebook and beg her to let me have one of those cars. Please do that for me. I'm a car fanatic, I don't know how…I'm going to get in it, but I like those cars."

If Bo's track record is any indication, he would be pretty damn good at driving one, too. He is Bo Jackson, after all. What isn't he good at?

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[via WHNT]