Starting July 18 in Isreal, Amar'e Stoudemire will be the assistant coach for Canada at the Maccabiah Games, which are comparative to the Jewish Olympics held every four years. Below, Hillel Kuttler of the New York Times explains how the entire thing came about:

The networking that reeled in Stoudemire worked like this: Brainis, a guard, played for Dore in the 2005 Maccabiah. Dore’s assistant coach there was Glen Grunwald, a close friend who had been fired the previous year as the Toronto Raptors’ general manager but still lived in the city. Last year, Brainis asked Dore to call Grunwald, who by then was working as the Knicks’ executive vice president and general manager, to help make the introduction to Stoudemire. On a visit to the Knicks’ practice facility during last year’s Knicks-Miami Heat playoff series, Dore formally extended the job offer in a conversation with Stoudemire in the trainer’s room.

Now, if you think this is completely coming out of left field, consider that Stoudemire did some coaching at tryouts for the Canadian basketball team. OK, let's get something straight. STAT has a limited post game and he's injured far too often to teach these players about improving their stamina, so, uh, what is Amar'e teaching these guys?  

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