Alex Rodriguez hasn't spoken to reporters since February when a report emerged indicating that A-Rod had a connection to a clinic in Miami called Biogenesis that allegedly provided several MLB players with performance-enhancing drugs. But, he was forced to break his silence on Opening Day today when reporters crowded around him at Yankee Stadium to ask him about the allegations. Not surprisingly, though, Rodriguez wasn't interested in talking about PEDs or the possibility of a suspension.

"I'm not going to further discuss this," he said, after several reporters asked him about Biogenesis. "At some point, I feel like everything will be good."

"At some point," like, when we all forget about the allegations in a few more months or…?

At any rate, A-Rod did address the rehab he's undergoing on his hip right now, and he said that it's getting better. But, hopefully his answers about Biogenesis get better, too. Because, if he thinks this is the last time he's going to be asked about it, he might want to stop showing up at the ballpark this season.

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[via Sports Illustrated]