Aaron Rodgers is arguably the best quarterback in the NFL right now. So, when he signs a contract extension with the Packers sometime soon, it's going to be noteworthy. If guys like Joe Flacco and Tony Romo are worth more than 100 mill, Rodgers is going to set records with the contract that he signs. But is he worth a billion dollars? One of his teammates thinks so.

"Let's be honest," Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk said on the NFL Network yesterday, "all of us minions have nothing that we can offer Aaron that would even come close to anything that he would get. He deserves every dime he's going to get. He's going to get a billion dollars, probably, so I'm OK with anything they want to give him, because he's one of the best in the world and he deserves everything."

Yes, he most certainly does. But, a billion? No way. We seriously hope that Rodgers' agent used that as the starting point in his ongoing negotiations, though.

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[via ESPN]