The Miami Heat are the 2013 NBA Finals champions. There’s no need for a “yeah, we said it” here because everyone knows this. If you didn’t know at the beginning of the season or when the Heat were in the midst of their 27-game win streak, you certainly know now that Russell Westbrook is likely out for the remainder of OKC’s playoff run.

What will happen when LeBron and Co. win their second-consecutive title? Aside from the obvious Chris Bosh champagne facial and another orgasmic rant from Dan Lebatard. We're here paint a vivid picture of all the things that will go down when the South Beach crew hoists the Larry O'Brien trophy in June. From Birdman (the one with the itchy palms) getting an NBA championship ring tatted on his face to the Great Wall being named after D-Wade, here are 10 Things That Will Happen When the Miami Heat Win the Finals This Year.