We know what you're thinking: "Isn't it a little bit too early for us to be talking about Super Bowl predictions?" Our answer: "HELL NO!"

It's never too early to talk football. And, earlier today, Broncos linebacker Von Miller gave us the perfect excuse to talk about it when he jumped on Twitter and guaranteed that Peyton Manning & Co. will win the Super Bowl next season:

Miller isn't just boasting for the hell of it, though. He later made an appearance on ESPN Radio and explained that he's simply feeling inspired lately, ever since his cousin Jeremiah emerged from a coma about a week after getting into a bad car accident.

"I was motivated by [him]," he said. "He got in a wreck about a week ago and he just came out of a coma a couple of days ago. His first words was, they asked him a couple of questions and, of all the stuff to remember, he remembered that his cousin played for the Denver Broncos and his name was Von Miller. It just moved me and I'm motivated and I'm going to work extremely hard. Not like I haven't done it before, but this year it's just a little bit extra for me and I'm extremely motivated."

Look out, NFL. It's only March, and this dude already sounds like he's on a mission.

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[via ESPN]