With all the hubbub surrounding the Miami Heat's recent 23-game winning streak, we completely forgot about a similar winning streak that another NBA team went on a few years back. During the 2007-08 NBA season, the Rockets managed to win 22 consecutive games before the Celtics knocked them off and ended their streak. But, Tracy McGrady hasn't forgotten about the streak. And, yesterday, he spoke about it with ESPN's Chris Broussard via text and said that he thinks that what the Rockets were able to do back then was more impressive than what the Heat are doing right now.

"I'm enjoying watching [the Heat's winning streak] because of the unknown," he told Broussard. "But the way we did it was a lot harder. Having Yao [Ming] go out [due to injury] around the 12th game and having Dikembe [Mutombo] filling his role was huge for our team. And we didn't have three guys making $100 million."

Good point. But, that team did have Rafer AlstonLuther Head, Bonzi Wells, and…okay, T-Mac. Maybe you've got a point! That 22-game streak was pretty impressive.

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[via ESPN]