When: August 1997

In August 1997 it's alleged that the Orioles' Cal Ripken, Jr. had Kevin Costner staying with him and his wife. Ripken reportedly came home to find his wife with Costner. In a fit of rage, Ripken allegedly called to inform the team he would not be able to play that night which would have broken his consecutive games streak and thus lose a major draw for the fans. With all that in mind, it's alleged the Orioles staged a power outage to stop the game from happening and maintaining his "Iron Man" streak.

Verdict: This one is probably not true based on a couple of quick facts. First, it would have been a story if Ripken wasn't in warm-ups or walkthroughs earlier in the day because of the games streak and that never was reported. Not to mention nobody really ever knowing the extent of Ripken and Costner's relationship and if Costner was in fact staying with Ripken as the story says. Outside of that any fight or arrest between the two would be front page news so we just can't believe it was kept under wraps. Fun fact: Ripken actually addressed the rumor over a decade after the fact.