Full disclosure: The writer of this post is—gulp—a Duke fan (feel free to send all hate mail to RedickFanboy@ibleeddukeblue.com). But, even I can't co-sign what the Cameron Crazies reportedly did at Duke last night.

During last night's game against NC State at Cameron Indoor Stadium, Wolfpack guard Tyler Lewis stepped to the free-throw line for two shots with the Blue Devils leading comfortably 72-54 in the second half. But, despite the big lead, the Crazies wanted to try and distract Lewis at the line. So, they started chanting "How's your grandma?" at Lewis less than a week after his grandmother died. Some people have argued that they were actually saying, "Past your bedtime," which is another chant that they pulled out during the game to taunt Lewis. But, Rick Lewis, Tyler's father, confirmed that "How's your grandma?" was used by a small part of the Duke student section.

"It was mostly 'Past your bedtime,' but there was an instant when a brief number of students chanted about Tyler's grandmother," he told the News & Observer last night. "It wasn't the entire student section. I think a few tried to outdo themselves."

Um, ya think? There's a line, and the Crazies obviously crossed it. So, in this particular instance, I can't even hate on you for hating on them for it.

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