Vanilla ice cream. It’s mild-tasting, non-offensive and… well, vanilla. The flavor’s only saving grace is it’s mass appeal.

Screw the masses.

Why stick with basic when there are syrups, cookies, candies, nuts and all kinds of other tasty shit you can mix into ice cream? Life is way too short to be stuck with vanilla. The same can be said about a stock car. The vehicular equivalent to vanilla, a stock car is a vehicle that is still in the same bland state it was when it rolled off the factory line. And no, dents or scratches do not count.

For those of you looking to add some sugary sweetness to your ride, here is a list of shops that specialize in car customization. Not simply tuning or performance modifications, but full-on visual bah-zing with aftermarket parts such as wheels, body kits, suspension, exhausts and full-on audio systems to help you floss on the street. Think rainbow sherbet with all kinds of nom-nom-ness. 

Written by Carter Jung

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