Most of the products that are sold on infomercials are complete crap. Trust me, I applied Flex Seal to a screen door and then inserted it into the bottom of my boat—and that thing is SITTING AT THE BOTTOM OF A LAKE RIGHT NOW!

Okay, okay, just kidding. Flex Seal is actually pretty awesome and, if I really had a boat, I'm sure it wouldn't sink as a result of a Flex Seal. But, most of the products sold on infomercials are crap. So, it's surprising to hear that an MLB player was inspired to lose 20 pounds this winter after watching an infomercial almost every night for a month.

During the offseason, Josh Hamilton gave up eating bread as part of an initiative that he took part in at his church. But, for about a month, he kept waking up in the middle of the night and seeing the same exact infomercial featuring nutrition expert Cherie Calbom, who is affectionately known as "The Juice Lady." And, after seeing it so often, he eventually started juicing himself, which is how he was able to shed so many pounds so quickly.

"The Lord kept waking me up in the middle of the night over a month," he said recently, "and every time I'd wake up, there'd be a doctor on [TV] talking about what you put in your body and how it makes you feel. And then the juice lady was on. It was like, all right, I always pray the Lord will help me feel better. Well, that's all great, but am I doing my part? Now, it's time for me to do my part."

He did his part. He lost the weight. And now, he's ready to try and stay healthy during his first season with the Angels. As it turns out, some infomercials are worth your time (and money!) after all.

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