In one of many efforts by NASCAR to help publicize the sport, James Franco is the Grand Marshal of today's Daytona 500. Basically, that means he'll be saying the most famous words in motorsports, telling the drivers, "gentleman, start your engines." Considering that Danica Patrick is the pole-sitter, however, Franco made sure to let everybody he might switch things up a bit. Prediction: "Ladies and gentleman, start your engines." Yeah, we know, we're taking a humongous leap with that one. BET ON IT.

Thanks to the genius journalists in attendance, that was pretty much the only "valuable" info that came out of the conference. Take these questions, for example. 

Question one: Did you practice saying those words?
Look: I'm not an idiot, why the hell would I practice saying words? 

Question two: How is the process of acting comparable to the process of racing? 
Look: [long pause] That's really the best thing you could think of? I can't believe I have to answer this.
Paraphrased real answer: You have to practice a lot for both, but I can polish the project, while NASCAR is all happening right then and there.

The rest of the questions were pretty much about his upcoming movie OZ, in which he plays the wizard. We were pretty surprised they didnt' ask him something like, "so, what's OZ like?"