Mercedes has unveiled its highly anticipated hot hatch, the A45 AMG, and announced full performance specs. Long story short: we're blown away, and highly jealous of Europeans right now. The 2.0L four cylinder powering the A45 is the most powerful four pot in the world at 360 hp, and this is routed through a seven speed dual clutch transmission and on to a sport tuned 4Matic AWD system. The end result is a 0-60 time of only 4.6 seconds

In order to squeeze an amazing 180 hp per liter out of this engine, the engineers mad scientists at AMG installed a twin-scroll turbocharger (for lag reduction) that provides a shocking 1.8 bar of boost. That sort of thing just doesn't happen in a production car with a warranty. 

Sadly, the A45 AMG won't be available to Americans who like stupid fast cars in practical packages; we'll have to settle for the upcoming CLA45 AMG, which will be the same stupid fast car, but in a significantly less practical package.

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[via Mercedes-Benz