How's your week going so far? We hope good. But, if it's not, just remember that it could always be worse. Hey, you could be Chris Bosh's wife Adrienne right now, right?!

She's having a really rotten week right now thanks to an allegation that Lil Wayne made on Sunday night when he went on a rant about the NBA and the Miami Heat and claimed that he had slept with Bosh's wife back in the day:

"Fuck the heat, fuck Lebron, fuck shewayde and I fucked Chris Bosh wife" - Weezy

— Karεn Ciѵil (@KarenCivil) February 18, 2013

Shortly after Wayne made his claim, Adreinne retweeted a bunch of messages on her Twitter account and indirectly responded to Wayne's remark by trying to stay positive:

Truth prevails.Today stand in your truth and ignore the chatter around and about you.#myhighestself #TodayICan #chakrawisdom

— Valerie Crawford (@vspeaks) February 18, 2013

Some people create hate for profit, and some people create love for free.Pay no mind to the haters, embrace the love. #TodayICan

— Rian Fike (@RianFike) February 18, 2013

#TodayICan ignore those who live in hate for their own ego, and keep my eyes on pure love. They will never bring me down.

— Nina Fike (@NinaFike) February 18, 2013

But, that positivity hasn't spread into her life yet. Yesterday, Global Grind pointed out that there may be some validity to Wayne's claim because, apparently, he did date Adrienne (or "short stack" as she was known before hooking up with Bosh) a few years back. And, they also reported that Adrienne had duped Wayne out of a bunch of money when they were dating. She allegedly told him that she had cancer, asked for money so that she could get medical treatments, and then skipped town after he gave her a $10,000 check.

And, Adrienne's bad week doesn't end there! In addition to all of that, Cam'ron also got in on the action by posting this pic to his Instagram account. Make sure you check out the caption:

Damn. And, it's only Wednesday morning. What else can go wrong?

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[via New York Daily News]