Wifey Of: Tom Brady, New England Patriots (NFL), Kyle Boller, Oakland Raiders (NFL), Jeremy Shockey, Carolina Panthers (NFL), Sergei Fedorov, Detroit Red Wings (NHL)
Occupation: Actress

While popular culture may have long since forgotten Reid, she has nevertheless managed to go on a fine run through the professional sports ranks. She started her career in 2002, dating emerging star Tom Brady for about a month. Reid further wetted her football player appetite in 2003 when she went out on a date with Jeremy Shockey (they attended a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. No word on whose parents chaperoned). In 2004, Reid tried out another quarterback, former Baltimore Kyler Boller.

Perhaps sensing that football players were a bit of a dead end for her, Reid then moved on to Detroit Red Wings great Sergei Fedorov for a brief spell at the end of 2004. She seems to have learned her lesson, and no longer dates athletes.