Raise your hand if you knew Jermaine O'Neal was playing for the Suns this season…

LIAR! You know damn well you thought he was off chilling on some island sipping piña coladas right now. But, as it turns out, O'Neal signed a free agent deal with the Suns during the offseason last year and has been playing out what's left of his NBA career in Phoenix this season (for the record, we did know that, though we have to admit it's been about three months since we spent any time thinking about anything related to the Suns). And, it seems he's not happy with the direction the team is moving in this season. They're at the bottom of the Western Conference's Pacific Conference right now and, well, their 2012-13 season is basically already over.

So, yesterday, O'Neal decided to step to Suns general manager Lance Blanks to inquire about how the team plans to handle things moving forward now that they've fired their head coach Alvin Gentry and appointed Lindsey Hunter as the interim coach. But, it sounds like Blanks didn't appreciate O'Neal asking him questions, so a yelling match reportedly took place between the pair right outside of the Suns locker room. Words were exchanged, tempers flared, and, well, O'Neal is out with an "unstated medical issue" for the time being.

We can't blame O'Neal for being frustrated. We also can't blame him for wanting some clarity on what the %#$@ the Suns franchise is doing right now. But, yelling at the GM probably isn't the answer to his problems. And, because he chose to go that route, those piña coladas might be calling his name any day now. Stay tuned.

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