Former NFL player Wade Davis, who kept his homosexuality a secret while in the NFL, recently spoke to Toure about semi-open gay males in the league. When Toure asked about the implications of the NFL having its first openly gay player, Davis worried about what such a man may look like. Heaven forbid the man looks like 2 Chainz. He had this to say about the topic:

"I think about that moment a lot and that moment really scares me. I think we exist in a society that’s looking for a specific type of player who’s gay. Would we need a face of gay athletics who’s got gold fronts and dreds? You think that the media and Nike would do all this and that for them? Imagine if this person is someone who didn’t go to Stanford, who’s maybe not as articulate as we like. Who’s like 2 Chains. Is he going to be the face of this LGBT sports movement? No. There’s not a chance in Hell. And what if this athlete says I’m gay but I want to do my work silently. I’m gay, I’ve owned it, I’ve given everyone that. Now I just want to play ball. Is the media going to be ok with that? Are my fellow LGBT sports pundits going to be ok with that?"

This is an interesting take, but is image really that important? Having an openly gay man in the NFL will be historic no matter what he looks like. And that's T.R.U.

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[via Black Sports Online]