We have one piece of advice for ESPN's Rob Parker right now. Here it is: Shhhhhhh…

We say that because just when we were finally starting to forget about those asinine comments Parker made about Robert Griffin III on ESPN First Take about a month ago—and just as Parker was about to finish up his 30-day suspension from the Worldwide Leader—he's come out and, in a way, tried to defend what he said once again. During an interview on a program called Flashpoint on Channel 4 in Detroit over the weekend, Parker talked about the backlash he received after calling RGIII a "cornball brother" and didn't seem all that contrite about what he'd say about the Redskins quarterback.

"I can't believe it," he said when asked about the negative response to his criticism of RGIII. "I mean, looking back at some of the comments, I can see how some people can take it out of context and run with it, but the response, and what happened over the past 30 days and everything was just shocking."

Parker also claimed that the ESPN First Take producers knew exactly what he was going to say about RGIII before he said it.

"Yeah," he said, "for the most part."

We understand trying to defend your name. But, c'mon man. Shhhhhhh! Haven't you figured out by now that trying to defend yourself here is a lost cause?

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[via Pro Football Talk]