Do you want to see LeBron James participate in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest? Then, go get your credit card.

A 28-year-old NBA fan named Chris Thomas just started a crowdfunding campaign in order to try and raise $1 million to donate to the LeBron James Family Foundation. The only catch? LBJ's foundation will only get that money if he takes part in the slam dunk contest. So, essentially, Thomas would be forcing King James to participate in the contest by raising the money—even though James has come out time and time again and said that he will not take part in it.

It's a pretty solid idea. Unfortunately, it hasn't really take off yet (as of right now, only about $4,000 has been donated to the cause), but there's still time for Thomas to reach his goal and for you to help push LeBron to take part in the dunk contest. To make a donation, head over here. Who's ready to pay up?

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[via Mashable]