Man, 2012 sure was boring, wasn't it? Ground-breaking new electric designs, the debuts of multiple hybrid supercar concepts, the continued dominant trend of matte cars, and some of the wildest customs we've ever seen. Sheesh, good thing that's over. 

We're kidding, of course, but compared to what is on deck for 2013, 2012 really might end up looking like a down year. Two of the biggest supercar debuts of the decade are set to go down, some of the most expensive production cars will hit the markets, and new segments are spawning and expanding to unknown limits. There is still plenty in the dark for the upcoming 12 months, but as of right now, we've already got plenty to get excited. Taking into consideration both cars that will hit dealerships this year and cars that will finally be unveiled, we've collected the vehicles that have got us hovering over the refresh button for any new leaks. These are 25 Cars We're Most Looking Forward To in 2013

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