Despite the Aventador taking the place of the Murciélago in the Lamborghini lineup, the mid-engined, all-wheel-drive supercar made a resurgence in 2012. We shouldn't even have to tell you why, but the name Kanye should ring a bell. They didn't even use a Murciélago in the video, they used a Gallardo, yet everybody knew the track thanks to the this-line-is-still-stuck-in-my-head-two-weeks-later lyric "Lamborghini Merci (y), your chick she so thirsty."

The Murciélago was introduced in 2001 as the LP 640, a 572hp coupe that was filling the big shoes of the Diablo. It was named after a bull that took sword after sword in a glorious fight in 1879. Check out the V12 beast in all of its power with these 25 Awesome Lamborghini Murciélago Photos on Instagram

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