The 2012-13 Los Angeles Lakers were supposed to be a team to compare with the '00-02 championship squads, if not the best team in the NBA. Instead, they're a train wreck on top of a car wreck with a plane crashing into that. Steve Nash got hurt, Mike Brown got fired, Pau Gasol got demoted, Dwight Howard got scared, and Kobe Bryant must be on the verge of either a nervous breakdown or a homicidal rampage. Or at the very least a very public "trade that guy now!" rant. As of right now the Mike D'Antoni-led squad is on the outside looking in at the Western Conference playoff race, and were things to stay this way — hey, at least they beat Utah the other night — one would expect there to be some very ugly consequences. Here's 10 Things That Will Happen When the Lakers' Season Implodes