Changes are still afoot in the American automotive world. Once standing proudly as the only single American manufacturer run museum, the Walter P. Chrysler Museum is closing its doors. 

Opened in 1999, the museum was dedicated to showcasing the full gamut of Chrysler heritage—from flagship models to defunct brands pulled into the Chrysler fold. Over 55,000 square feet, the history of company unfolded through 4 floors packed to the gills with beautiful cars. The museum became a separate company in 2007 with bankruptcy looming. Financial stability has never found the institution.

Fear not for the security of the cars, the collection will be acquired by the larger Chrysler Foundation (though perhaps without exchange of actual money) ensuring preservation of the museum's holdings for future generations. However, it is unlikely the automobiles will ever become as readily accessible as they've been in recent years.

[via Left Lane News]