Record: 12 - 0 (UM),
Finish: 1987 National Champions, Orange Bowl: Won (UM),
Coach: Jimmy Johnson (UM), Bobby Bowden (FSU)
Best Player: Michael Irvin (UM), Deion Sanders (FSU)

Sometime in the mid-1980s, the center of the football universe packed its bags and left places like Ohio, Oklahoma, and South Bend, and moved to Florida for the next decade and some change. The '87 Hurricanes and '87 Seminoles were the teams it used to officially announce its arrival. They finished 1 (Miami) and 2 (Florida State) in the final rankings (with FSU's only loss coming to the 'Canes), and their game featured ten first round picks and more than 60 players who would go on to various NFL training camps.

"How many wins would [INSERT COLLEGE JUGGERNAUT HERE] win in the NFL?" is a favorite bar conversation topic. And while the answer to that question is almost always "none;" it's safe to say an NFL team consisting of the best of these two teams would've been a serious threat to some pro squads.