The NBA season is officially under way, and with so much going on on a daily basis, it's tough to know the best ways to ensure that your hoops knowledge is as up-to-date as possible. Well, here are a few quick tips on how to do so.

NBA League Pass

A lot of us might not actually live in the city that our favorite team is based out of, and if that's the case, then the NBA League Pass is a must-have. This regular season package provides subscribers with games from outside their local viewing area. If you're interested, dial up your cable or satellite provider to learn more on pricing and availability.

NBA Game Time App

This top rated app for both Apple and Android provides scoring updates, team and player news, and a wide variety of stats. The basic app is free, and Apple has pay upgrades to NBA Game Time plus, depending on how thirsty you are for intel.

ESPN,, and

They don't call ESPN the worldwide leader in sports for nothing, as no other source has as much access, experience, and insight on all things NBA. provides the most up-to-date info on players and teams, and the TV network's NBA Tonight and NBA Countdown (which recently added Grantland editor, Bill Simmons and former pro baller, Jalen Rose to their studio show) are staples for rabid hoops fans. If you're looking for more thorough analysis, be sure to head over to ESPN affiliate for Jalen Rose's podcast and Zach Lowe's NBA articles. Lowe used to write the widely acclaimed Sports Illustrated blog The Point Forward.

NBA Player Workouts

Want to preserve your body and train the way your favorite players do? Head to to get a breakdown of the various workout regimens the pros use during the season and in the offseason.


Like most sports, the NBA has a policy regulating Twitter use. Players are prohibited from tweeting starting 45 minutes before tip off until after all game-related activity is done. Despite these restrictions, there's plenty to glean by following players and owners, like how much Chris Paul (@CP3l) and Steve Nash (@SteveNash) loved Laker bonding night when the whole team went to see Lincoln. Or what's going on with Joakim Noah's (@JoakimNoah) charitable work with his Noah's Arc Foundation. Or what Blazers owner and Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen has going on with his two other sports franchises, the Seattle Seahawks or the Seattle Sounders, depending on whether you're a fan of football or futball. The Tweets, and the many personalities behind them, all add up to a better state of awareness—or, at the very least, amusement.