Yesterday, Texas suspended quarterback Case McCoy and linebacker Jordan Hicks before the Alamo Bowl for "violating team rules." The extent of this violation was revealed in a redacted San Antonio police report (click the thumbnails to view) released early Friday morning. The report was made by a 21-year-old woman who claimed she was raped, and she listed a 20-year-old, 6'2", 235 lbs. black male and a 21-year-old, 6'0", 180 lbs. Caucasian as suspects. The team's official website lists Hicks with the exact physical description, while McCoy's differs.

The alleged victim said she met the two men at a nightclub before agreeing to go to a bar at her hotel. She then brought them to her room, where she said the accident occurred:

"I feel ashamed saying this, but I know [REDACTED] was in me. [REDACTED] just stood there and watched. I don't quite remember."

The police noted the victim "had a strong odor of alcohol on her breath," but of course this doesn't make it excusable. Unfortunately, because alcohol was involved and she said "I don't quite remember," it's her word against there's.

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