Here's a question that's surely crossed a lot of sports fans' minds: "How much does a UFC Fighter make?" We're guessing a majority of those fans don't have the time to actually hunt down these stars and ask them (not that we'd recommend it). Fortunately, the folks at MMA Manifesto decided to do a little research of their own and posted a list of every UFC Fighter's approximate career earnings since 2004. The numbers do not include additional bonuses and pay-per-view cuts.

Even though he retired two years ago, the legendary Chuck Liddell tops the list with $4,320,000. Randy Couture ($3,045,000), Anderson Silva ($2,871,000), and Tito Ortiz ($4,075,000) all rank within the top-10, unsurprisingly. However, this is only a fraction of what many of today's top boxers are worth. For example, all of the aforementioned fighters combined  is just a fraction of what Manny Pacquiao made in 2012 ($62 million according to Forbes).

Those may be surprising because of the sport's popularity, but UFC is becoming increasingly mainstreamwhich is evident in Jon "Bones" Jones' sponsorship deal with Nike. Hit the MMA Manifesto link below for a look at the complete list.

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[via MMA Manifesto]