Prosecutors in Kansas City closed their investigation of the case involving Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins late last week and just released their findings to the public. And, while most of the findings were already public knowledge thanks to various reports that have come out over the course of the last two weeks, there was one new detail of the story that is pretty major. According to the prosecutors' findings, Belcher had a secret girlfriend in Kansas City who he texted with regularly. And, in a text that he sent to her less than two months ago, he reportedly told the secret girlfriend that he "would shoot" Perkins "if she didn't leave him alone."

Unfortunately, Belcher's side chick thought he was joking and didn't make a big deal out of it. But, of course, it turns out that Belcher wasn't kidding around when he made the threat. What a sad, sad way to end an already sad story.

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[via Kansas City Star]