We've heard about one athlete spitting on another athlete during the heat of battle before. But, we've never heard about it happening quite like this.

On Sunday afternoon, the Cardinals were trailing the Jets 7-6 late in the game and the Jets had the ball and were looking to kill the clock. So, the Cardinals defense concocted a scheme that would have allowed the Jets to score a touchdown to make it 14-6 so that, at the very least, the Cards could get one more shot at tying the game up. But, Arizona defensive end Darnell Dockett didn't agree with the strategy and refused to go along with it. And, as a result, he got into a heated debate with Arizona safety Kerry Rhodes and, after going back and forth on the field for a minute, Dockett reportedly ended the debate by spitting in Rhodes' face. Yep, he spit in his own teammate's face.

According to Pro Football Talk, Dockett has been disciplined by the team for the incident and both players have moved on. But, damn: Things have really gotten bad in Arizona, huh? Two months ago, they looked like a team that could potentially make the playoffs. But, now, they've lost eight straight games and they're spitting on each other. What a collapse.

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[via Pro Football Talk]